St Luke's Young Ambassadors

Young Business Ambassadors spreading the word on our care

Sheffield's business leaders of the future are heading a new project aimed at giving St Luke's a greater voice in the community.

Our St Luke’s Young Ambassadors are a group of young executives who have all agreed to take up the challenge of spreading the word to a new generation of potential supporters for our care.

“St Luke’s isn’t just for today – we want to be here for the future,” explained Chief Executive Peter Hartland.

“So we need to start to build up a group of people from the next generation who will help us to spread our message amongst their colleagues and peers, have influence with their organisations and develop that influence as they become future leaders.”

The long term aim is that the Young Ambassadors will eventually include between 15 and 20 members in the 18 to 30 age group.

The first to sign up for the project are Rebecca Sutton of Grant Thornton, Declan Savage of BHP Corporate Finance, Ashleigh Carr of Irwin Mitchell, Matt Bruce of Bruce and Butler, Henry Hill of hlw Keeble Hawson, Alex Forsyth of South Yorkshire Housing Association, Sarah Shorley of St Luke’s, Becca Shorley of Synergy Health and teacher Steph Lee.

As part of the scheme they have all already agreed to assist with organising at least one promotional event each year in aid of St Luke’s, become a social media champion for us, network with other groups, advising them and promoting the Young Ambassadors partnership and take part in the 2016 Master Cutler’s Challenge as a St Luke’s Young Ambassador.

“We want to promote the fact that everyone should see themselves as a stakeholder in St Luke’s, as a custodian for now and the future,” said Peter.

“We see Young Ambassadors as a group that young people will aspire to join, and to help, for the benefit of St Luke’s and future generations.”

Fancy being a Young Ambassador?

If you'd be interested in joining the Young Ambassadors or would like more information on the project, please email us.

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