Patient visiting at the hospice is by appointment only, please call 0114 236 9911.

Stand with us to protect St Luke's

When the world stopped, we did not. As the world locked down, we did not. We continue to care for our patients and families 24/7, we continue to visit up to 400 patients in their own homes, we continue to care for patients on the In Patient Centre and we are still supporting families as lockdown eases.

Over one year on from the first UK lockdown, the coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating effect on St Luke’s financially, and we know its impact won’t go away quickly. It is a long term threat.

To keep delivering high quality care through the pandemic we’ve reduced costs where we can and taken advantage of all available government support schemes – but we’ve still had to dig deep into our financial reserves to ensure we can get through this difficult time.

But this cannot be sustained indefinitely.


Monthly donations are a very effective way to support St Luke’s and maintain our ability to deliver the vital care for patients with terminal illness, now and in the future.

Help us rebuild our regular, predictable income by setting up a monthly donation.

What your monthly donation could support

price points
£6 a month could contribute to nutritionally balanced food packages that are prepared and delivered to patients at home who are perhaps shielding or unable to cook for themselves.

Home visits from the St Luke's team
£12 a month could go towards our community nurses delivering vital care and pain relief to patients when needed, in the comfort of their own homes. 

£18 a month could contribute to the ongoing cost of providing our 24hr specialist palliative care for up to 20 patients at a time on our In Patient Centre.

Will you give what you can? Please help St Luke's to keep on caring.

Set up a monthly donation


Christian's mum Helen benefited from St Luke's care during the pandemic:
"My mum Helen was a loving person who adored spending time with her grandson, who she doted on. After she was diagnosed with cancer and the lockdown came, we were really worried that we wouldn’t be allowed to see her – but then she went to St Luke’s and everything changed.

The best thing was that we were able to visit her every day and that was so important to us. We could have a three hour visit in either the morning or the afternoon. When the end came, the opportunity to be with her meant everything to us."
- Christian

David Jones is our Charge Nurse in the Community Nursing Team:
Despite the challenges of working through the pandemic, we are busier than ever and continue to go above and beyond for our patients – this is what makes St Luke’s special." David

Val has volunteered in our Supporter Care Team for 4 years:
"I know that the care St Luke’s gives to its patients and families wouldn’t be possible without the support of the public. Donating every month makes sense to me because it means St Luke’s knows how much money it has coming in and it also means that I can plan my support too - so it works both ways." - Val

Thank you