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Leigh discovers head for heights with Sky Dive challenge

St Luke’s Clinical Facilitator Leigh Evans knew she wanted to do something very special to mark her forthcoming 45th birthday and her ongoing commitment to our work.

Which is why she decided to overcome a lifelong fear of heights and flying to join colleague Vicky Hoyland a team of fundraisers as they headed into the clouds for the latest St Luke’s Sky Dive.

“I’ve seen how much people put into their jobs and St Luke’s and you also see the benefit that fundraising has for patients, families and loved ones,” Leigh explained.

“It’s a privilege to work for St Luke’s and I just thought it was time to do my bit to help out.”

The one problem with signing up for the latest St Luke’s Sky Dive, though, was that Leigh hates heights and doesn’t like flying.

“I’m coming up to my 45th birthday and I was thinking of what I could do that would really push my boundaries and challenge me and I thought that if I could face my fear of flying I could face anything,” she said.

“And all I can say is that it was incredible, the most exhilarating thing you could do – I can’t even describe it!

“You mind just goes blank and then you start to take it all in and it’s incredible to see the world and realise that we are just this little part of it as you see everything going on below you.

“I didn’t want it to stop and I could have gone straight back up and done it all again straight away.

“It’s the adrenalin and the knowledge of pushing yourself to do something you have always said you would never do which makes it so special – and the fact that you’re supporting such a good cause.”

The next St Luke’s Sky Dive will take place on September 7. For further information or to register visit Sky Dive

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