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Switzerland comes to St Luke’s for Claire’s snowy celebration event

They had the Glühwein, they had the fondue…in fact, the only thing we couldn’t deliver for patient Claire Coleshill’s special ski-themed party was the snow!

 Claire, who is 47 and lives in Woodseats, is a keen skier who has always enjoyed her time in the Swiss Alps.

 But she is currently a patient in our In Patient Centre, meaning that her snowy break with her friends from the Ecclesall All Saints Church Home Group couldn’t go ahead.

 That’s when the St Luke’s team stepped in to bring the atmosphere of the Alps to the hospice.

 And her friends added to the special party’s snowy theme by turning up in their ski suits.

 “I really didn’t expect St Luke’s to do what they did – I’d say they went the extra mile, but it’s more like 100 miles!” said a delighted Claire.

 “I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the effort and the love that has gone into arranging all this, as well as the willingness and the excitement of every who made it happen.”

 Claire already had experience of the St Luke’s standard of care as her mum was a patient at the hospice four years ago.

 “I knew it was a special place because of the support mum received and when I was diagnosed with cancer I said straight away that I wanted to be in St Luke’s because it’s the absolute best and I didn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said.

 “When my mum was a patient, I asked her how she was one day and she said she was perfect – and now I know exactly what she meant because that’s how St Luke’s makes me feel too.

 “I am being really well cared for and I am being loved and I am being treated as Claire and not as a cancer patient – in fact, they have given me my life back.”

 The St Luke’s team have also helped Claire to create special memories – a letter and a photo album - for her daughter Lucy.

 “I am ready for what’s to come, I am getting stuff sorted that I couldn’t do at home because I wasn’t well enough,” she says.

 “The fact that my family can come in and have meals with me is brilliant too because I can have time with Lucy, which makes a difference for her and makes a difference for me.

 “I really mean it when I say that St Luke’s has enabled me to live again.”

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