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Creating a buzz about fundraising

THERE’S a real buzz about the latest product on sale at Sheffield’s Knab Farm Shop.

The Montrose Road business in Carter Knowle is selling honey produced by local bees – and proceeds are going to a favourite local charity.

“We were approached by Carolyn Clark, a bee keeper who is probably only around 500 yards from us, so it really is a locally produced honey” said Knab Farm Shop owner Ian Proctor.

“Carolyn has been selling honey herself and raising money for St Luke’s but her bees have been very busy this year and she actually has a surplus, which we have agreed to sell – and we are very happy to be making a donation to St Luke’s too.”

Carolyn’s honey is available in a small jar – with a minimum suggested price of £5.99 – and a large jar, which has a minimum suggested sale price of £8.99.

“I’ve owned the shop for a year now and our ethos has been to bring in more and more local suppliers,” Ian explained.

“We started with 17 and we have grown to more than 40 – and we are very pleased to have added Carolyn to that list.

“Her honey is proving extremely popular and we are expecting to sell at least a hundred jars over the next few weeks."

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