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Alison runs for twin sister Sarah and St Luke’s

ALISON Phillips has a very personal reason for joining the TRIB3 gym team running for St Luke’s in the Sheffield Half Marathon this March.

For cheering her on will be twin sister Sarah, who is living with incurable cancer and is herself one of our patients.

“I used to run half marathons myself until I was diagnosed with lung cancer so now I’ll be doing the cheering,” said Sarah.

“The cancer has now spread to my brain as well as my lungs and the support I have received from St Luke’s has been very important to me.”

It was in recognition of that level of support for her twin that Alison decided to join the TRIB3 team, who will be running for St Luke’s at the Half Marathon on March 27, with the aim of raising a collective total of £10,000.

“Sarah has always been the main runner and I have cheered her along but I’ve been running for a while now,” said Alison, who lives in Ecclesall.

“When Sarah became unwell I was living in London but I moved back to Sheffield to be close to her.

“I decided to do the half marathon with TRIB3 because I wanted that bit of motivation to help me with the training and planning and also some help with strengthening exercises and not just the running side of it.

“At the beginning of 2019, Sarah was given just four to six weeks but she is still here, remarkably, living with incurable cancer and being supported by St Luke’s.

“My original plan was to raise £100 but I’ve increased that target and I’m now at £557 so I am very pleased with my progress and would like to raise even more.”

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