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Reaching into the community with Shukr Project

We are reaching out further into the city’s ethnic and minority communities with support for the Shukr Project.

Shukr is the word gratitude in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati and Punjabi.

The Shukr Project, which meets at the Victoria Methodist Church in Stafford Road, Norfolk Park, was created by the 13 Rivers Trust, the charity supporting the needy, the elderly in the community and young people who feel excluded or left behind by mainstream society.

We are attending the Wednesday morning meetings to share information about the end of life care that St Luke’s is providing for free for all people and communities across Sheffield.

“We would like to thank the 13 Rivers Trust, who have given us this great opportunity to speak about palliative care and the services we offer,” said our Engagement and Quality Officer Naureen Khan.

“The 13 Rivers Trust supports people who are experiencing isolation, depression and terminal illness and who might also be struggling with a language barrier and are not aware of the support services being offered in Sheffield.

“People who don’t know much about how a hospice works can think that our services are quite expensive and part of my job is explaining how everything we deliver is free and available to everybody.

“I enjoy meeting new people and new cultures, learning about their lives and how we can help to make changes for them and take away the worry and care of terminal illness.

“It gives me a real sense of satisfaction, knowing that I am making a positive change in somebody’s life and it’s really rewarding too to know that more families from different communities are using our services, that they feel they can trust us.”

The Shukr Project is also being supported by Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care and Voluntary Action Sheffield.

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