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The sideboard that shares a special family history

A secret note left in a piece of furniture donated to our Crookes furniture shop delivers a special Christmas message for the next owner.

It was only when the team at the shop took a close look at the sideboard that they found a letter that told a story dating back to 1955.

The note, signed only with the name Petra, explains how the sideboard was bought by the donor’s parents when they married on Christmas Eve that year and that it had since been loved, used and cherished for almost 60 years.

“It has stood the test of time, having displayed vases of flowers from family weddings, engagements, birthdays, Mothers’ Days and lastly, of course, funerals,” the note says.

“Its cupboards have help board games that were mine as a child and then games and toys from my two sons.

“It has stored my hairdryer and I have stood in front of it and dried my hair on wedding day and nights out, memories that are all parts of its history.

“It now needs a new lease of life - you may choose to leave it as it is and that’s fine or you may choose to renovate it and again that’s fine too.

“Either way it deserves a new chapter in its life and a new history - I hope it serves you well and brings you your own memories.”

Janine George of our St Luke’s Crookes retail team, said she had been surprised and delighted to find the note.

“We don’t very often get to hear the full story of a piece of furniture so Petra’s words were very special to us and very moving too.

“We currently have the sideboard on sale in the shop and will definitely be including the note for whoever decides to buy it.

“It’s a simple piece of mid century furniture but it’s clear from Petra’s words that it has been central to one family’s life and it’s lovely to think she now wants it to do the same for somebody else.

“I’m so hoping it goes to a good home and gets looked after in the same way this ladies family looked after it.”

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