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Natalie goes for a new look

WHEN Natalie Rebbeck saw the levels of support her grandmother Patricia Dewick received during her time as a patient at St Luke’s, she decided she had to do something to support our patient care.

And that’s why, after raising more than £700 to be shared between St Luke’s and the Jessop Wing Bereavement Suite, she’s missing a good 40cm from her previously very long hair!

“My mammar loved the time she spent at St Luke’s and was there several times,” said Natalie.

“She always seemed much more chilled out after she had been at St Luke’s and at the end she actually said that although she didn’t have much, what she did have she wanted to be donated to St Luke’s.

“That got me thinking about what I could do too and that’s when I decided I would have my hair cut.

“I’ve always had long hair - it was right down to my bottom - so it was a huge deal even having the end cut off but I did it because I saw everything my mammar went through and how much St Luke’s did for her.”

Helping Natalie to get the cut just right - and make sure the excess hair was good enough to give to children’s charity the Little Princess Trust - was friend and hairdresser Adele Cook.

“I was going to have it done in March but then the lockdown came so it had grown even more by the time it actually happened,” said Natalie.

“People run marathons and climb mountains and I can’t do that but I did know I could have my hair cut and make a difference that way.

“I nearly cried when it happened but it’s all for a great cause - though it does still feel a bit weird not having as much hair as I used to have!”

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