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Volunteer Peter hits all the right notes

MUSIC lover Peter Bower is hitting all the right notes as he volunteers for St Luke’s.

Peter, who lives in Oughtibridge, is part of the team supporting our retail team, preparing items for sale on our hugely popular eBay platform.

His love of music - he plays the guitar - made him the ideal person to specialise in the many musical instruments that are donated.

And even though he would normally be based at our Donation Centre, near Meadowhall, Peter has been able to continue his support from home during lockdown.

“I tend to specialise in musical instruments, especially guitars, identifying the makes and then making any repairs and making sure they are playable,” he explained.

“I think the reason we get so many guitars is that people pick them up thinking they want to learn then decide they don’t want to play any more.

“If it’s an electric guitar the first thing we do is plug it in and make sure it’s working and if it isn’t I can fix that.”

Other instruments that come Peter’s way include everything from violins and cellos to African drums, a zither and even an Australian didgeridoo!

“I find it really interesting and because I have all the facilities at home, I have been able to carry on,” said Peter.

“It gives me an interest but the other reason I volunteer is because my wife was a patient at St Luke’s and they looked after her fabulously so I wanted to give something back.”

For a chat about St Luke’s volunteering opportunities call 0114 235 7542 or visit volunteer for more information.

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