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Fundraiser Ellie takes on a new role

AS one of our Community Fundraising Assistants, Ellie Tomlin is used to telling supporters about our outstanding levels of support for patients and their families.

But it is only since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic that Ellie has discovered for herself just how excellent and important those services are.

For she has left behind her usual role and has taken on a temporary post within the Hospitality team, supporting patients in our In Patient Centre.

“I’m really enjoying it and it is really nice to be patient facing for the first time,” she says.

“As a fundraiser I’m telling people all the time about how our patients can order whatever meal they want but now that I’m serving those meals, I realise how special that is!”

Even though her temporary position might seem far away from her usual role, it actually takes Ellie back to where her career started for she has a degree in Food Science from Leeds University and actually worked in the food industry for a couple of years before deciding to focus on the charity sector.

“I love my job in fundraising but it has been very rewarding taking on this new job and knowing that I’m making a difference to the lives of our patients,” she says.

“Just taking somebody a cup of tea when they need one really can be a big help.

“It’s a bit strange because Covid-19 has changed things so much and that’s why I am doing this instead of my usual job, giving support where it’s needed.

“With staff shortages and extra protocols in place, they need all of us to give all the support we can and it’s good for me knowing that even though I can’t do my usual fundraising job, I am doing something that is useful for people.”

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