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How Andy secured his family’s future with St Luke’s Will Month

 LIKE so many young couples, Andy and Felicity Gilligan were too busy enjoying their life together and as parents to their two young children to think too much about making a Will.

But all that changed when Felicity discovered she had inoperable secondary breast cancer and she became a patient at St Luke’s, with just a very short time to live.

“It wasn’t meant to be happening, it wasn’t what I had planned for my life, for our life,” Andy says as he recalls how Felicity decided she needed to make a Will in order to plan for her family’s future.

“They guided some conversations for her so I could find out what she wanted for her children and for me.”

And after Felicity died, Andy realised that he too needed to make his own will, which is when he took part in the annual St Luke’s Will Month.

“I did the Will for myself and for my boys,” he explains. “It just gave me the reassurance that everything was in order because I thought at one point that my whole future had fallen away.

“But now I have seen that I have got a future, which is just a fantastic thing for me.”

Follow Felicity and Andy’s lead by making or updating a Will during the St Luke’s Will Month.

Will Month is a partnership with 12 top city solicitors, running for a strictly limited period throughout the whole of April.

Participating firms include Banner Jones, Bell and Buxton, Best Solicitors, Graysons, Irwin Mitchell, Keebles, Norrie Waite and Slater, Taylor Bracewell, Coates, Foys, Wosskow Brown and Rosalind Watchorn.

The idea is simple – the participating solicitor of your choice draws up a basic Will in return for a donation to St Luke’s.

Suggested minimum donations are £100 for a single will or £150 for a joint Will, with a £75 suggested charge for a basic amendment.

To find out more about Will Month call the St Luke’s Will Month hotline 0114 235 7551 or email Will Month or visit Will Month

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