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It’s no joke for lottery rollover winner Mary

IT’S not every day that somebody calls to tell you you’ve won a £15,000 lottery rollover prize.

So it’s perhaps understandable that when the phone rang with good news, Mary Gledhill thought it was her son making a joke.

And it took a few minutes to persuade her that it really was the lottery team from St Luke’s Hospice calling to confirm that she was our £15,000 lottery rollover winner.

“We support the St Luke’s lottery because I had cancer myself a few years ago and I know how important hospice care is,” said 81-year-old Mary, who lives with husband Gerard in Swallownest.

“I answered the phone and I really did think it was my son playing a joke on me and when I told my husband he thought exactly the same!

“The only other thing I have ever won was a manicure set - and that was a second hand one!

“We’ve been asked what we’re going to do with it but to be honest I think for the time being we’ll just put the money in the bank.”

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