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Why volunteer Lyn is becoming a Night Strider

 LYN Cork isn’t just a volunteer at our Hillsborough shop…she’s also about to become a Night Strider!

Night Strider – sponsored by Pricecheck and Gripple - is our annual nocturnal half marathon and 10k walking challenge that aims to raise more than £120,000 towards our patient care.

And Lyn, who will be joined on the October 5 evening adventure by fellow Hillsborough shop volunteer Sue Grant, has a very personal reason for encouraging people to join the fundraising challenge.

“I am doing Night Strider is as a thank you to St Luke’s and Clifford House for the support they have given me and my husband Dave,” said Lyn, who lives in Wadsley.

“Dave was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2010, he had a kidney removed and we thought that he would be OK.

“We went off adventuring as a result and went trekking in the Himalayas, seeing Everest and seeing abundant wildlife in Costa Rica to name a few of the adventures we experienced.

“Unfortunately, just over two years ago the cancer returned and it has now spread to  his lungs, bones, pancreas and adrenal glands.

“Working at the Hillsborough shop has helped me enormously with the support from staff and volunteers and St Luke’s Clifford House has support us both through the Spoken Histories and craft courses such as scrapbooking so we can leave a reminder of who Dave is for our grandchildren.”

“There are so many other reasons for the walk but supporting St Luke’s is a really worthy cause.”

To sign up for Night Strider 2019 simply visit Night Strider


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