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Michael’s musical gift for Clifford House

MICHAEL Moore has made a very special musical gift to St Luke’s in memory of his partner Tony Gibson.

Tony, who was a patient at St Luke’s after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was a keen but self-taught amateur musician.

And now Michael has made a gift of all Tony’s instruments to Clifford House, including two clarinets, a mandolin, a selection of recorders and an auto harp.

“I know that Tony played one of the clarinets in the Scout band and the other belonged to his father, who played in a dance band as well as playing keyboards,” said Michael..

“I decided to give them to Clifford House because I know they have a music room and I thought it would be nice for them to have some extra instruments and I think that Tony would be pleased to know that other people are getting as much pleasure from them as he did..

“St Luke’s did such a wonderful job looking after Tony and now that I have cancer too I know they will be there to support me.”

Michael has also created a St Luke’s tribute page for Tony and anybody wanting to make a donation can visit Tony Gibson

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