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Make it a happy Christmas with Sir Martyn Lewis and St Luke’s

BROADCASTER Sir Martyn Lewis is making Christmas headlines with a news based fundraising project that provides a perfect Christmas gift and gives a major cash boost to St Luke’s.

Your Big Day is an innovative video gift for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more - narrated by the acclaimed former BBC and ITN newscaster, who is also a vice president of national organisation Hospice UK and a patron of St Luke’s.

Sir Martyn is founder and executive chairman of Your Big Day Ltd, which uses ITN and Reuters archives to produce birthday and anniversary videos covering most of the last century.

And for every £9.95 Christmas order with the special order code STLUKES, a £2 donation from the Your Big Day team will go to our patient care.

Whatever date and year - covering most of the last century - which family or friends are celebrating, there is a 5-6 minute video to match, culled from the archives of ITN and Reuters going back as far as 1917.

Celebrities, royalty, news, fashions, cars and even house prices – it’s all captured on film along with a personal message to the recipient embedded in the opening titles of the video.

Ordered online and delivered online via an email link on any date and at any time of day, the sender also receives a copy of the finished video at no extra cost.

“We are delighted to be a part of this imaginative new way of sending a special greeting,” said our Chief Executive Peter Hartland.

“People will be fascinated to see how their own lives are so closely tied to the events, names and places of world history.

“And at the same time this very special gift will make a difference to the lives of our patients, thanks to the donation from the Your Big Day team.”

Check out Your Big Day at https://www.yourbigday.tv/stlukes and when ordering be sure to add the special code STLUKES in the special promotions/charity box to trigger that £2 contribution to St Luke’s fundraising.

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