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Travel plans for Nick after Lottery Rollover win

IT’S a special early Christmas gift for Whirlow man Nick Melody…courtesy of the St Luke’s Lottery!

For Nick picked up a massive £10,500 windfall prize from our lottery Rollover.

Nick specifically wanted to support a local charity and so started playing our weekly lottery in 2016.

But he was staggered by the size of the win as be believed the top prize was £1,000 and had no idea that the rollover jackpot could get as high as £15,000 before it is drawn.

And now he is planning to use some of the unexpected cash to pay for a family trip to Australia.

It costs just £1 to join the lottery that has a guaranteed weekly prize of £1,000 as well as a £100 second prize and 100 £5 winners.

To find out more or to register simply visit Lottery