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Meet Aemen, Liam and Abdul

MEET Aemen, Liam and Abdul… three young people who are happy to support St Luke’s.

The volunteer trio all provide regular support at our Firth Park shop and all agree that it is something they really enjoy.

Aemen is studying Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield and started volunteering to gain experience and to help with her CV.

“St Luke's shops are everywhere so there are lots to choose from, wherever you are in Sheffield,” she points out.

And she adds: “Firth Park is a great place to volunteer because it's nice to see so many different ages and backgrounds.”

Liam is a GCSE student who has plans for a career in finance – he came to St Luke’s as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

He enjoys helping out at Firth Park and is looking forward to turning 16 as he can then learn how to use the till and step up his involvement.

“Volunteering helps you figure out what your skills are and what you might need to improve,” he says.

“Volunteering has also made me better at understanding problems and taking action to fix them.”

Abdul is studying Level 3 Applied Science in college and applied to St Luke's because he wanted to help other people and the charity, as well as to get work experience and to help with his personal statement.

He assists on the shop floor and till and finds that it's improving his communication skills and teamwork.

“St Luke's is the best charity shop,” he says. “It's got really friendly staff!

“Volunteering helps with applications and apprenticeships and 'makes you stand out.”