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Smart technology helps keep our patients at home

We're delighted to announce the launch of a 12-month pilot scheme for the use of smart technology for healthcare in the community.

The Westfield Health-backed ‘3rings smartplug’ connects household appliances, like kettles or televisions, with a messaging service to provide updates about routine use, alerting family when a relative uses a device or fails to do so.

The pioneering system, which is designed to help families with frail, elderly or vulnerable relatives living independently at home, will come into operation for a group of our patients from Tuesday, November 1.

The year-long pilot is being coordinated by the St Luke’s Occupational Therapy and Social Work teams and they will be issuing the 3rings plugs to patients and their families.

Our Chief Executive Peter Hartland said: “The 3rings system is very simple and that is why it can be really effective.

“We’re excited to be making this product available to some of our patients, clients and families on a 12-month free trial, from which we will learn how it can be used most effectively in different situations.

“We’re delighted to continue an excellent working relationship with Westfield Health and we look forward to sharing in this and future technological developments for the benefit of people in Sheffield.”

Westfield Health Executive Director David Capper said: “We are proud to be backing 3rings and to be bringing such innovative care technology to St Luke’s – a charity we have supported for a number of years.

“This forms part of Westfield Health’s wider health, wellbeing and care strategy – we are pioneering the use of evidence-based interventions to help improve the wellbeing of the general public.

“Our partnership with organisations such as the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, who are working with St Luke’s to evaluate the outcome of this pilot, will allow us to take this further.

“As the population ages and chronic conditions become increasingly common, we will be able to bring expertise and technology from academia, science and medicine, and channel it to benefit the wider population.

“3rings is a great example of how this kind of technology is already supporting so many and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on those being supported by St Luke’s.”

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