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Yorkshire Three Peaks - Kit List

Our guides have supplied a kit list to ensure you are fully equipped to take on the challenge

Essential Kit

Small rucksack
– 25-30 litres is ideal with a rucksack liner or dry bag inside.

Footwear – a fairly flexible pair of walking boots or shoes with well kept, strong soles. These must be suitable for hill walking.

Clothing – we advise a base layer (dryflo wicking top), a mid-layer (microfleece), and a good quality outer layer (fleece). Stretchy tracksuit trousers are perfectly adequate, as are shorts and walking trousers. If you are prone to feeling the cold, thermal leggings may also be useful. Please also bring additional layers of clothing suitable for both warm and cold weather conditions.

Waterproofs – fully waterproof jacket and over-trousers. Good quality (e.g. gore-tex) is essential.

Survival bag and whistle – person-sized plastic survival bag, available in outdoor shops.

Warm weather kit – sunglasses, sun cream and sun hat.

Cold weather kit – woolly hat, gloves and scarf.

Food and drink – make sure you bring enough food and water to last you the day, including 2 litres of water, a packed lunch and some high-calorie snacks for energy. There will also be the option to buy snacks such as ice creams and hot drinks, so make sure you bring some spare change for this.

Mobile phone

Rubbish bag – please carry a rubbish bag with you in your rucksack so that you may dispose of your personal rubbish after the event.

Please note: no jeans or trainers!

Suggested Kit

Walking or ski poles – these are recommended for support and stability, especially in descent.

Equipment – compass, torch and spare batteries.

Personal first aid kit – make sure that you bring any personal medication you might need. You may also find it useful to bring regular plasters, blister plasters and painkillers.

Portable phone charging bank – recommended to ensure that your phone holds its charge for the full duration of the day.

On the day of the event you will need to sign a medical declaration to state you are physically able to do the walk. If you are in any doubt about your health or fitness following registration you should contact your GP for advice.


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