Donating items for our shops to sell

What can I donate?

We can accept

  • Furniture – which must have fire labels attached if it's upholstered
  • Large and small electrical appliances that are less than five years old
  • Divan bases including fire label with original mattress (in pristine condition)
  • Books
  • Shoes and handbags
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Children’s toys with CE label
  • Homewares

We can't accept

There are some things we can’t accept for safety or legal reasons. If you’re not sure if we can accept your donations, please check our list below of some of the items we’re asked about most frequently:

Furniture and Houseware

Upholstered furniture without a fire label including all items donated as sets, pillows and duvets unless brand new and carpets.

Electrical Items

  • Electric blankets
  • Electric showers
  • Sunbeds and tanning equipment
  • Washing machines
  • Power tools without instructions

Heating and Cooking

  • Gas appliances (mains or bottled goods)
  • Gas cookers
  • Electric cookers
  • Oil filled radiators if not fitted with a thermostat
  • Oil heaters (mobile)
  • Storage heaters (hard wired)
  • Oil and gas Agas

Sports & Safety Equipment

  • Bicycles
  • Safety equipment (ie life jackets, safety helmets and harnesses)
  • Fire fighting equipment

Children’s Equipment

  • Children’s car seats/prams/pushchairs/buggies
  • Children’s cots/carrycots/playpens
  • Toys without a CE mark

Software and hardware

  • Home recorded DVDs and no video or audio tapes
  • Home recorded computer games and software on recordable CDs and DVDs
  • Computer hard drives, laptops and notepads

Weapons of any kind, including:

  • Bladed items
  • Guns, crossbows and ammunition (including replica guns unless obviously a toy)


  • Personal appliances such as shavers, foot spas (unless unused and in a sealed box)
  • Medication including vitamins
  • Perishable goods, food and drink
  • Prescription spectacles
  • Cleaning agents, solvents and adhesives
  • Items made from ivory

Gift Aid

All our shops take part in the Gift Aid scheme. So if you're a UK taxpayer and sign up for Gift Aid your donations of goods for sale are worth an extra 25% to us when they're sold. You can pick up a leaflet to register for the scheme in any of our shops - or download it here to print out, complete and present in store. Signing up is quick and easy, and you only need to do it once.