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Spirtual Care team

Spiritual Care team

When normal life is disrupted by illness and loss, our spirituality, or the way that we bring meaning and purpose to our lives, can also be disrupted. Nothing feels familiar and the future can look scary.

Here at St Luke’s, we understand that everyone has a spirituality, but not everyone expresses that through faith. The Spiritual Care team of chaplains are here to accompany you on this journey. 

You may have worries, concerns, or questions; perhaps about illness, or your hopes and fears for yourself and your loved ones, and would benefit from talking to someone about it. 

We specialise in pastoral care and seek to give support through compassionate listening and are willing to journey with all those affected by terminal illness.

We are here to

  • Listen as you process difficult feeling of grief, fear and anxiety
  • Support any faith, belief or religious need, from within our team, or by working closely with secular agencies and faith leaders from across the community
  • Give help, and advice and provide resources to help support children
  • Support patients and their family and friends
  • Help you cultivate a renewed sense of hope and peace
  • Organise and facilitate important religious and non-religious rituals such as blessings, weddings, ceremonial washing, end of life rituals , the sacrament of the sick and funerals
  • Talk through any practical needs that arise at the time of illness and loss, and have access to information you may find helpful for the future; such as what to do when someone dies and funeral planning

Within the Hospice, there is a Chapel which contains the Book of Reflections; a book for your to express your thoughts and it is a space to just BE.  

How to contact a member of the Spiritual Care team: 

Email: [email protected] or call: 0114 236 9911 and ask for the Spiritual Care team

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