For the safety of our patients, please refrain from visiting if you are experiencing cold and flu-like or vomiting symptoms.
Patient visiting is by appointment only, please call 0114 236 9911 after 8am. Visiting hours are 10am - 8pm.
Celebrating 50 years

Thank you for finding out more about our 50th appeal

About our Specialist Palliative Community Nursing team

For 50 years, our trained Specialist Palliative Care Nurses have helped fight the pain, lack of dignity and isolation caused by terminal illness. For some, that intensive care happens in our In Patient Centre, but for 85% of our patients, that care happens in their own home.


What if St Luke's didn't exist to care for those you love at the end of their lives?

Would they be able to stay at home, where they feel most comfortable?

It is an honour to be welcomed into our patients' homes, manage symptoms, provide pain relief and pain management, and offer psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual support.

We strive to get symptoms under control which means that patients can live their life as they want, to the end.  As well as supporting patients, we are always there for families through the most difficult of times, to the end, and beyond with bereavement counselling and support.  

Each person we meet is unique and we tailor our specialist end of life care to the individual.

We always respect somebody’s wishes and maintain dignity, whilst providing pain relief and symptom management.

Specialist Palliative Care Community team

Celebrating 50 years - Amanda and Zoe


St Luke's has cared for Sheffield for the last 50 years. With your support, we will be here for the next 50 years.

Will you donate today and support our future?


Together, with your support and our end of life care, our patients can live at home for longer, at the very moment they most want to be there. They remain surrounded by the people they love and the passions and interests that make them who they are.


How your donations make a difference


£6 donation
£18 donation
£12 donation
Katie, Specialist Palliative Community Nursing Team

Whether you are able to set up a regular gift, or give a cash donation today – you will be helping to provide a range of care to our patients when they need us most; providing physical, psychological and spiritual support as well as pain relief and medication.

We’re there to talk and to listen, and can do all of this in the comfort of the patient's own home. We believe that together we can make a huge difference to thousands of Sheffield people when they need help the most.



Together we can help patients with terminal illness to live at home for longer, pain free and surrounded by the people and things they love.

Support our future

Celebrating 50 years - Delyse

Celebrating 50 years - Louise and Marva


A bit more about our 50th anniversary

Every day
 of the year, 24 hours, 7 days a week, our community team bring specialist care into patients' homes across Sheffield - from Stocksbridge to Firth Park and Dore to Darnall.

Every year this means we make over 6,000 visits to patients in their own homes. 

As we stand here today we are proud to say that we have cared for Sheffield every year for the past 50 years – reaching over 40,000 patients and their families. Your generous donations enable us to do all this – and to our patients, this means the world.  


For 50 years, we have relied on the support of the Sheffield community, who courageously supported the concept of ‘hospice’, the first outside of London. 50 years on, we still rely on your support, to raise the vital funds St Luke’s needs.

We know times are hard for many of us, with local and international uncertainty, so whatever you feel you can commit, no matter how small – will make a huge difference to the lives of our patients.

Thank you for being part of our future

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