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Our promise

St Luke’s is dedicated to the wellbeing of the terminally ill in Sheffield and their loved ones. No patient or family is ever the same, and our journey with each individual is unique. Above all, we are about life, and enabling our patients and their loved ones to live theirs and die with dignity and respect.

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Why not volunteer?

Our volunteers are crucial to enabling St Luke's to carry on with the vital care we give to terminally ill people throughout Sheffield. A massive "thank you" to everyone who volunteers for St Luke's whether they have been with us for 5 years or 45 years!


Play the St Luke's Lottery

Keep it just £1 per play, you are five times more likely to win than the National Lottery and every £1 you spend goes towards helping St Luke's to continue delivering vital care to terminally ill people throughout Sheffield.


The Master Cutler's Challenge

How far can £50 go?

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St Luke's Tribute Fund

Losing someone is one of the hardest things anyone has to face, but finding a lasting way to remember them can be a great comfort. A St Luke’s Tribute Fund set up in your loved one's memory can be a wonderful way to honour and celebrate the life of someone special.


St Luke's lottery canvassers

We need more St Luke's lottery canvassers in order to help more people across Sheffield play the St Luke's lottery.

Our Mission is to deliver the best possible palliative care in Sheffield, whilst developing and driving continual improvements for everyone affected by terminal illness. We are a charity and all of our services are free.

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Peace of mind, contentment and relief from pain and other symptoms are central to everything we do for our patients.

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Support for families

If a family member or a close friend has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we are here to help.

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To us our supporters are quite simply the best. Without your help we couldn’t do all that we do to care for the Sheffield people who need us most.

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Our Values

Our values embody our way of working and they are Dignified, Compassionate, Inspired and Pioneering.

We’re dedicated to helping improve quality of life

We care for people aged 18 and above throughout Sheffield who have ​terminal illnesses. We aim to control their symptoms, alleviate pain, and give them the best possible quality of life – all free of charge. Read our latest Care Quality Account.

Where your money goes

From staffing to new equipment and research, every penny counts.

How to donate

There are two ways to make a donation online. Find out more.

Visit our shops

Our charity shops run by volunteers, play a vital part in raising money.


About St Lukes

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    Our website is currently being redeveloped, please call us if you need any information which ...

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