Food and drink

Food at St Luke's is freshly prepared by our own chefs from mainly locally-sourced ingredients, to suit the needs, condition and preferences of each individual patient.

All of the food served at St Luke’s is freshly produced on the premises. Bread, biscuits, cookies, soup and pasta are made daily, alongside freshly made juices and smoothies.

A partnership was created with Abundance (Grow Sheffield) to provide St Luke’s with free fruit and vegetables. Abundance is a team of volunteers who have been helping to harvest food produce in the city and redistributing the surplus to the community on a non-profit basis. Deliveries of seasonal fruit and vegetables are made every two weeks.

We also have a herb garden and various fruit trees within the hospice grounds.

Community Food Project

In April 2015 we also began a pilot community food project, when our kitchen began preparing food for delivery to patients in the community based on clinical needs.

We began by putting together a box for delivery to our patients every Friday, consisting of up to four soups, one loaf of bread, two smoothies, two freshly squeezed fruit juices and two boxes of parkin cake - all homemade at St Luke’s. The items were freshly prepared in our kitchens on the Friday morning and then delivered by a volunteer driver.

The project has significantly developed since then due to the high demand for the service, now three days per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Community patients now do not get a standard box but can choose which elements they would like.

Each week we deliver around 30 parcels of food to our patients living at home in the community, including on average 100 homemade soups, 65 freshly squeezed fruit juices, 50 homemade smoothies, 40 parkins and around 20 loaves of bread.

Here are some quotes from patients and relatives about food and drink at St Luke’s:

“The amount of the smoothies has been just right. I have enjoyed all the flavours received.”


“Thank you for meeting all of my mum’s requests, especially the lime jelly and treacle sponge puddings. She often said that the service you provided was that of a five star hotel. Thank you for your wonderful care and support”.


“The soups were wonderful. The last soup was celeriac with apple – not a flavour I would ever have considered buying but it was so tasty. The soups made you feel like eating something. They had a good consistency and were well seasoned – very ‘eatable’. The amount was just right. Since I’ve started on the trial my weight has remained steady and I have even gained a little recently so it seems to be having a good effect. I wasn’t eating so well before – more ‘grazing’ - but have eaten all the soups because they have been so tasty, so this is bound to have an effect.”


“The service is stunning”


To find out more about the food and drink service at St Luke’s, email