St Luke’s in palliative care research and education

At St Luke’s we regard ourselves as a “teaching hospice”, and we have a long tradition of supporting both education and academic research in all aspects of palliative care.


We have a close relationship with the University of Sheffield’s Academic Unit of Supportive Care, some of the members of which are based at St Luke’s. The hospice participates in research projects led by the Academic Unit, helping with recruitment of patients and contributing to focus group studies.

From time to time our staff also contribute to qualitative research led by regional and national centres.

Our Service User Coordinator, employed by St Luke’s, evaluates our services and seeks the views of patients and carers, carrying out internal research on their experiences, preferences and needs to inform future strategy.


St Luke’s has been at the forefront of hospice-based palliative care education since the 1970s.
All of our medical consultants hold the title of Honorary Lecturer at the University of Sheffield Medical School. Medical students regularly take up placements at the hospice to undertake palliative care training.

We provide four-month placements for doctors training to be GPs, and a training post for a foundation grade doctor. St Luke’s also has a one-year post for a specialist registrar training to pursue a palliative care career.

In partnership with Sheffield Hallam University’s Department of Health and Social Care, St Luke’s stages a series of education seminars for GPs on aspects of palliative care – teaching of doctors, by doctors.

Some members of our nursing staff also teach on Sheffield Hallam University’s nursing courses.

We also regularly host student placements for student nurses, BTEC students in Health and Social Care, social work students and occupational therapy students.