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Regular gifts mean a predictable income for St Luke's, which helps us plan our spending on patient care. This committed support is a cost effective way for us to administer donations and gives us the regular, predictable income we need to help more people across Sheffield.

£10 per month could give more local people the chance to receive therapeutic care and support at St Luke’s.

£15 per month could enable our Integrated Community Team to visit patients at home right across Sheffield.

£25 per month could help to pay for the care of those who desperately need the unique 24 hour care we provide in our In Patient Centre.

You can set up your regular gift and help St Luke’s to care for local people every day.

Joanne benefitted from our In Patient Centre, Active Intervention Centre and our community services. Sadly, she passed away in June 2016. Here's Joanne's story, in her own words: 
"I was diagnosed with a terminal illness a while ago now. One of the hospital nurses told me about the ‘Oral history’ project at St Luke's and I thought I’d like to take part. I was there for a fortnight and the changes they made to my medications made an enormous difference. Now, I’m able to go out to the shops, take my dog for a walk. Ultimately, know I’m on a journey. I’m not sure when or where that journey will end, but I know absolutely that St Luke’s will be with me.” Joanne

Dr Sam Kyeremateng is our Medical Director and Clinical Lead for Programme Development:

"Almost every day a new patient is welcomed into our In Patient Centre. They usually are the people that have the most complex and challenging conditions. Our goal is to try and turn their very darkest moments into ones of hope and positivity. We have seen many extraordinary moments over the years - joy, humanity – birthdays, christenings, weddings. Moments that will live forever in the minds of friends and family. Sam

Jo Lenton is the head of our Integrated Community Team:

“Many people are surprised to learn that the overwhelming majority of care we provide is actually within the patients’ own homes. Every day we receive a new request for support. Our Intensive Treatment Team runs 7 days a week, ensuring that we’ll get to a seriously ill person as soon as possible – people can get into a crisis situation very quickly when living with a terminal condition." Jo

Sarah Bowers is the head of our Allied Health Professionals Team:

“We offer a wide range of therapies and wellbeing activities. Some patients gain real benefits from a massage or other physiotherapies. Others like our art therapy courses, or engage with our Oral History project, where they can capture their feelings and memories. We’re here to help everyone get the most they possibly can from life." Sarah

Thank you. Your regular gift will make all the difference.