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St Luke's Biz Kids 2018

Our pioneering scheme that joins together local schools and businesses to raise money for St Luke's.

Biz Kids is an amazing opportunity for schools, businesses and St Luke’s to work together. The Biz Kids challenge broadens children’s experience of enterprise, helps to develop relationships within the community and brings the work we do here at St Luke’s to life for local children, whilst raising money to help us to continue this work. While the challenge launches in November 2017, most of time spent on the challenge in schools will be between January and March 2018.

How does it work?

We pair up a local business with a local primary school. The business provides a mentor to share their expertise and also provides a loan of £100 as a seed fund to help start activities in school. The mentor then works alongside the school to help formulate their own charitable enterprise to ultimately grow the seed fund and make a profit. At the end of the challenge pupils will be expected to contribute to a short presentation in their group explaining what their activities involved, what they achieved and how they met their key learning objectives.

There will be two winners of Biz Kids 2018. One of them will be chosen by our panel of judges on the presentation day. This prize will be awarded for the school that best met the learning objectives. The other prize will be for the school who raises the most money for St Luke’s. Your school will be paired with a volunteer School Ambassador who will support the project on our behalf. The School Ambassador will liaise between your school and Business Mentor as well as support you with the project in school.

How can I get involved?

If you know a school that would like to get involved in a project like Biz Kids, please ask them to email Megan Senior or call 0114 235 7561 for more information.

If your business is interested in supporting this project, please email Jack Kidder or call 0114 235 7564 to register your interest.

We're also looking for School Ambassador Volunteers to help run this hugely successful project. Our School Ambassador Volunteers are our representatives for the paired schools and businesses, and ensures Biz Kids is rewarding for all parties involved. Volunteers will be expected to support schools and businesses on their enterprise challenges, typically spending one hour per week at each school they are paired with over a ten week period.

If you're interested in becoming a Schools Ambassador please email Megan Senior or call 0114 235 7561.