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Donate your furniture

Your unwanted furniture can help fund our patient care. It's what your furniture would have wanted!

See more furniture animations - guaranteed to raise a smile!

Donate to St Luke's, and everybody wins...

  • Call or email us to make a date. We send a van to collect your furniture. It’s that easy.
  • We sell your furniture from our own charity shops. All proceeds go to fund our patient care – and if you sign up for Gift Aid when you donate we can make every £1 of sales worth £1.25 to us.
  • Your furniture’s off your hands, so you’re happy. It gets a new lease of life instead of going to waste, so your furniture’s happy. And when we sell it, our patients benefit, so we’re happy. Everybody’s happy!

What can I donate?

  • Home or office furniture that’s in saleable condition, safe, clean and two people can carry it. If it’s stuffed home furniture, it must have its fire safety label attached.
  • Household electrical goods that are working and safe - our vans carry safety testing equipment – we can only take goods that we’ve tested ourselves.

Can you help?

Contact our donation team today by filling in our donation enquiry form, or call our donation line on 0114 235 7562.


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