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Facts and figures

St Luke's is not just for cancer patients, and it's far more than a building. In fact you may be surprised to learn that most of our patients never set foot in the Hospice itself. Find out more...

Patient, relative and nurse

Our patients, our care and our people

  • We serve the Sheffield people who need us most, regardless of age, cultural background, postcode or religion.
  • Despite our name we have no religious affiliation.
  • We treat all our patients with consideration, dignity and respect.
  • St Luke’s isn’t only for cancer patients. We also help people with other illnesses including neurological conditions (such as Motor Neurone Disease), HIV and end stage heart, lung and kidney conditions.
  • Sometimes patients are admitted to the hospice for a short time and are discharged home once their symptoms are under control thanks to our expert care.
  • 700 unpaid volunteers help our 180 staff to deliver our services, supporting St Luke's in many different ways – from patient care to family support, to helping us raise money.

How many people do we help?

  • Every year we care for around 1,500 patients, and support their families and carers – helping about 5,000 people all told.
  • Here at the hospice, at any one time we’re caring for 20 patients in our In Patient Centre – 400 in any one year.
  • Meanwhile, at any one time throughout the city our 13 community nurses are caring for around 400 patients in their own homes – around 1,200 every year.
  • And every year individual programmes of therapies, treatments and advice at our Therapies and Rehabilitation Centre help some 350 patients to live independently at home for as long as possible.
  • We also train other healthcare providers in Sheffield to care for their own terminally ill patients, and our educational influence extends far beyond Sheffield’s boundaries. For 42 years the example of our pioneering work and the outstanding expertise of our staff have been benefiting hospice patients both nationwide and worldwide.


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