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What we aim to do

We serve the Sheffield people who need us most - those dealing with terminal illnesses - regardless of age, cultural background, postcode or religion. St Luke's is not only for cancer patients. We also help people with other illnesses including neurological conditions (such as Motor Neurone Disease), HIV and end stage heart, lung and kidney conditions.

Our purpose is to improve the lives of people with these conditions. We do this by providing high quality care and support, compassion and respect.

Our special expertise

Our expertise comes from a high level of professional training and many years’ experience of providing palliative care - the specialist care of people who have advanced and progressive illnesses for which there is no cure. Our standing is recognised by other health professionals in the wider community. This results in local hospitals, GPs and district nurses seeking our advice, daily, about their own patients who have palliative care needs.

Peace of mind, contentment and relief from pain and other symptoms are central to everything we try to do for our patients, regardless of their personal circumstances. In this, we are guided by the desire to treat everyone fairly, equally and honestly. We believe that communicating constantly, clearly and sensitively is the key to mutual understanding and acceptance.

St Luke’s works constantly with the NHS, local care homes and council departments to further develop exactly the range of care and support services that all people with terminal conditions need and deserve.